Our Past Organizations - September 2019

September 2019: Associaçāo Floresta Protegida (the Protected Forest Association)
Associaçāo Floresta Protegida (the Protected Forest Association) is a local and indigenous-based organization led by and working with the members of the Mebêngôkre/Kayapó People located across 13 villages in the Amazon. It works "with the objective of strengthening the Mebêngôkre/Kayapó communities to protect their territories and natural resources, to support the development of sustainable income generation alternatives and to enhance the cultural heritage of this ethnic group." We carefully researched some major organizations aiding the Amazon fires, however we decided that donating to a local organization was the best use of our advocacy and your donations! 
Check them out here:  http://florestaprotegida.org.br/