Friends Who Earring

100% of monthly profits support justice work by community organizations.

We make earrings.

Creating a better world.

As of June 20, 2020 (our 1 year earring-iversary), we have donated $20,282.20 to 11 different community organizations.

I've bought several pairs of earrings from these lovely ladies and I love them all. Amazing quality, unique designs, and the money goes straight to charity. If you're going to spend money on jewelry, I highly suggest buying from them

Kiana, from Etsy

These earrings are the best!! And thank you ladies for using your platform to help others. Can’t wait to buy more :)

Sophia, from Etsy

Love these earrings & I always have a great experience buying from FriendsWhoEarring! I bought this pair for my friend as a birthday gift & she said she’d never seen anything like them :-)

Katie, from Etsy